3 Reasons Why Rugged Travelers Think Military Gear Is Worth Every Penny

It is very obvious that military gear or tactical gear do not come cheap. But personally, I think it is a good investment. And quite a few avid adventure freaks like myself share my sentiments as well.

Over the last decade, I have spent quite a bit on tactical gear, both for personal use as well as gifts to relatives and close friends who like to rough it out in the out doors. And in all that time, I only got one complaint. It was from a female cousin of mine. She has a slight frame and I bought her a tactical pack that was a bit to big for her. But other that, everyone had only praises for the gear I got them.

Here are 3 reasons why rugged travelers like myself think that military gear are perfect for adventure trips.

As Tough As It Can Get
Basically anything that is built to military specifications has got to be quite tough. I have an assortments of military backpacks and other gear like hydration systems and LED flashlights which have been with me for ages. And from the look of things, it looks like they will be with me for a long time to come.





I have been on desert trips, a 3-week trek through Borneo and a journey through the Amazon rain forest with my military gear. They have survived mudslides, countless storms, drops, skids and falls.

To tell you the truth, after a wash, they look in better shape than me after a long hard journey. You might find an occasional scratch here and there but it really takes quite a bit beating to result in a tear or breakage.

Well Thought-out Designs
I also like the way military gear or tactical gear is designed. Take for instance a tactical backpack. These backpacks are designed in such a way that it maximizes space as well as improves accessibility. So you get