3 Ways to Update Your Concierge/Private Practice Business Plan for Higher Sales

One thing almost all concierge, direct care and boutique medical practice owners around the U.S. need is more patients. Have you ever wondered how proper business planning can help you find new patients for your new practice model? The key for any physician/business owner is to take a step back from your daily routine and reconsider your strategy. Additionally, what strategies have impacted patient volume at your practice the most in the past six or even twelve months? While you were busy building your practice, your local market or your patient-base may have changed slightly. Economics sure have shifted recently in almost every small town and suburb and how has your practice responded to patients watching their bottom-line even more closely than before? You can sometimes identify these changes by asking other physicians, s


After all this, your goal should be to redevelop your concierge/private practice business plan by adding new marketing/sales initiatives to your practice. Each strategy should involve specific responsibilities that can be assigned to specific people within your practice — with deadlines, start dates and anticipated budgetary costs.

We’ve put together a few steps that should set you on a path to finding new patients for your modern medical home and hopefully to higher annual sales as well:
t makes sense to you. Let me explain even further. The quickest path to healthy bottom-line growth in a concierge/private medical practice is continuing to reinvent or reposition your services as unique so patients will keep coming back to you for more help. One of the greatest challenges physicians like yourself face when starting these new concierge-style medical homes is acquiring more new patients. When they’ve completed the transition and have an established patient-base of around 300 patients – the doctor starts to say ‘I now need more patients.’ Well, this challenge puts you squarely in the box of taking a new service/business model to new, prospective patients. We’ve learned from many doctors that for the majority (72%) of doctors trying to acquire new patients into their practice, it’s taking 3-4+ months to recruit one new patient! The best story I’ve heard is the concierge/private physician that con