Are You Getting All the Free Traffic You Should Be?

Everyone day I get telephone calls from network marketers and home based business owners all over the world and they all have two things in common,Are You Getting All the Free Traffic You Should Be? Articles firstly they are struggling to earn consistent income with their home based business and secondly they are struggling to either generate traffic to their splash pages and business websites or they are struggling to develop that traffic into targeted leads and most of all sales.

Only then do they ask me the question how do I do that?

Well the very first secret involved in this is always going to be internet traffic quite simply because without internet traffic to your home based business website and splash pages you will not have anything to convert into targeted leads and sales and without internet traffic nothing happens.

I firmly believe first and foremost there is no need to spend money un necessarily and it is due to that I believe the best method of traffic is that of free traffic however that brings us back to the question of how do you get that free traffic?

There are many different ways, methods and strategies that will allow you to generate quality and targeted free traffic for your business as you can see from the list I have made below.

Online articles websites.

Free classified ads, Still Effective In fact I once placed just 6 ads and within 30 minutes gained 6 prospects.

Social Networking Sites, Extremely effective, I once went into MySpace and within 40 minutes I made $2000.

Search Engine Optimisation, Very important, I had one website which gave me 11000 visitors per month from search engines.

Online Video Marketing, I.e. YouTube, Awesome, Within 2 months on YouTube I gained over 800 friends, over 131 subscribers, almost 3000 channel and video views which gave me great amounts all daily traffic.

Now the list is endless and I could carry on for a very long time with many different methods however you w