Are You Using a Fad Face Cream?

Let’s face it. It can be unsettling to see the bloom of youth leave your face. Looking at sagging, lined, blotchy skin where there was once a firm, smooth, creamy complexion can push anyone to grasp at the promise of the latest fad face cream.

If this describes you, please don’t feel bad. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with wanting the best face cream that science can develop.

The latest fad in anti-aging skin care is collagen. Every time you turn around you’re hearing something about the benefits of face cream that contains collagen.

I have to say, that in theory, having lots of collagen in your skin can make a big difference in keeping your skin youthful, supple and firm. However, in principal, there is no way to benefit from a face cream that claims to have collagen.

The molecules that make up this cosmetic collagen are just too large for your skin cells to absorb. This is a face cream fad that’s based on an empty promise.

But don’t let this get you down. You’re seeing the signs of aging simply because your personal collagen factory has slowed down. It still is possible to benefit from the anti-aging properties of collagen. The trick is to stimulate your body’s own production of this amazing substance. The best face cream will contain special, natural ingredients that will go to work to boost this production.

Finding the face cream that will get your collagen factory working again is a matter of simple research. It really is easy to avoid fad skin care products when you begin your research with certain criteria.

Eliminate any products that contain synthetic chemicals. Mineral oil, pa