Assessing Life-Style Diseases

echnological upgradation, individual`s life-style has been changing. Individuals with particular type of genetic inheritance are predisposed to certain diseases trigerred by life-style existing factors.

Diet, life-style & environment are three important determinants related to cause of diseases. Inadequate intake of nutritional foods, consumption of junk foods & beverages,such as, tea, coffee, alcohol have lessen the strength & stamina needed for defensive mechanism of the body. Environmental pollution is the result of industrialization & deforestation, which have endanger the health of the inhabitants. Individuals are dedicated to long working hours, working in night shifts, & with no physical activity have lead to sedentary life-style. They are engaged with mental tension & anxiety,striving hard to sustain with the economical & social circumstances of the society. They easily adapt to unwanted habits,such as, smoking, alcohol consumption & intake drugs to relieve stress. These all perpetuate & accentuate the process of disease in the individuals, which they become easily susceptible too.

Diet rich in cholesterol & saturated fats raises the plasma cholesterol level, which builds atherosclerosis of the arteries involving high risk to coronary heart disease.other contributing factors involved are, such as, insufficient regular physical activity, competitive stressful life-style with typeA personality behavior, use of contraceptives, cigarette smoking, & diabetes. Texas heart institute estimated coronary heart disease affecting almost 13 millions of Americans with consequences of high mortality rate.

Increase intake of calories in excess of utilization gets stored in the form of unneeded energy in fat cells, which give rise to disease condition called obesity.Obesity involves high risk factors to diseases,such as, type2 diabetes, heart disease, osteoarthritis, & cancer.

The international diabetes federation estimated number of diabetic