Car Pressure Washer and Steam Cleaner for Complete Auto Detailing

A car pressure washer is the ideal cleaning machine for exterior detailing jobs. Power washers with pressure levels of 1500 psi or less and water flow rate of 0.5 GPM clean effectively without wasting water or causing any damage to the vehicle body. These units also come with steam temperatures of 250°F for extra cleaning power. Pressure washing machines are also versatile and clean various different surfaces, including glass,Guest Posting rubber, and metal. For indoor detailing jobs, carpet cleaning units with low water flow technology are ideal. But when it comes to spot-cleaning tasks, a steam cleaning machine is the best way to tackle different kinds of sediment and stains in a fast and effective manner.

Whereas a car pressure washer can help with exterior detailing jobs, spot-cleaning vehicle interiors require special attention. Car interiors can often get much dirtier than people realize. Spills and stains are usually not cleaned up immediately – a soda spill on a car seat is usually wiped up and then forgotten. Vehicle interiors don’t get much ventilation either, and in colder climates, there may be no interior ventilation at all. Vehicle upholstery often doesn’t get any exposure to sunlight either. This means that a food spill on a car seat happens in a place that has little or no exposure to sunlight and little ventilation. This provides the perfect