Cell Phone Plans-Choose Wisely!

There are a plethora of cell phone plans in existence, so how do you pick which plan is best for you and your personal situation? There are numerous cell phone companies offering numerous cell phone plans. In order to choose the best plan of all of the cell phone plans, you should consider some basic things. As you consider your needs, think about pre-paid cell phone plans, as well as post-paid (billed) plans; how many minutes will you need?; when will you be using your phone the most (what time of day)?; where will you be using the phone?; and what extra charges and/or penalties are there that may not be specified with the original, advertised sign on rate?







Pre-Paid Plans Vs. Post-Paid:

A pre-paid plan for your cell phone is a plan where you pay in advance for a specific number of minutes. Once these pre-paid minutes run out, you have the option to purchase more. This type of plan will generally not have a contract for you to sign. Make sure you look at the details and/or ask about how the minutes are calculated, and how long distance charges are accounted for. Sometimes with pre-paid cell phone plans, you will have to add a certain amount of money to your account every month or the months you use the plan.

Post-paid cell phone plans are bill-like, where you pay after you have used the minutes. Many post-paid cell phone plans offer the customer unlimited minutes, whether all the time or only on nights and weekends. Many people find post-paid cell phone plans appealing, since the individual may use the cell phone at various times of the day, and have an inconsistent number of minutes month to month.

Rollover Cell Phone Plans: