Features and Benefits of Anti Spam Services

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Spam has been one of the common problems of internet users. When you go online and check your mail, the chances of having an email which came from unfamiliar email address is very high. So what you will usually do is to delete the email. However, what if it is not just one spam email but there are a lot of them. Deleting these mails can be very tedious and this is where anti spam services come in.

Anti spam services are tools that will help you reduce or even eliminate any unwanted email from your mailbox. Most internet service provider will offer anti spam services which allow you to filter the email you receive. One of its features is allowing you to have an approved list of email or domain addresses that you would like to receive email from. Thus, those you don’t know will not be able to send an email to you. Then, you can even block certain email or domain addresses. This is helpful if you have already recognized the addresses of spammers.

Another option that you can have on an anti spam service is filtering email according to its subject and content. This means that you can block email that contains specific word or phrases. Another feature is the ability to filter email based on the language used by the sender. This is beneficial for those that only expect email from a specific language.

Some anti spam services will give you preset filters (e.g. low, medium and hig