Free Website traffic for Pink Cows and Purple pigs

Lets consider a site that sells exclusive gifts, like pink cows and purple pigs. They plan a linking campaign and firstly aim at the first single keyword term “pink pigs” and so they structure the link text and description as follows:

“Pink Pigs” – All pink pig gifts – all sizes and shapes.

Using the anchor text “pink pigs”- to link back to the home page. Now lots of effort goes into seeking the correct links, aiming at this term. It progresses well and the ranking is achieved to every ones delight- ” Look a number ranking for pink pigs! –we are really great!” – (large pat on the back)

Then the term goes of in hunt for the second term – purple cows and follows the same process. They achieve the same results- however they have dissolved the anchor text of the number of links and the first ranking achieved, slips. It then becomes a juggling game to get the ranking for both keywords.

Essentially the have Google “scratching its head” ….what is this page/site really about?

So what is the better option so as avoid this- two options:

Deep linking- This is the linking to internal pages rather than the home page, so in the first case, you would generate links to this page as and then proceed to do the exact same process for the other search term.

The downside of this is that it still does require different linking campaigns takes time and splitting of resources. A better option is that of combining and adding the human factor, after all, Google provides results for humans after all, and the quality of the results is high on the agenda. In this case, you could create a better anchor text and description such as:

“Purple Cow Gifts – Shop online for all manner of purple cow and pink pig gift sets, with discount specials every week”

This is also human friendly, and although its main aim is top search engine ranking, it could be seen as a normal, human based link. Include both the terms in the description, and then on the actual site the title of the home page makes sense. Then in the first paragraph on the home page could mention both search terms as well as link directly to those specific pages ( etc) this would make sense to both the search engine spiders, used for finding and displaying results, and to humans.