How I Met God – How to Meet God – My Personal Encounter With the Almighty

surpasses reasoning – In short this is My testimony that God not only exists… but really lives and He loves and cares about each one of us.ed

Turning the pages back…

As always, let’s start with some history… Are we going to talk about what happened in 1948?? Nope… We are going to talk about what happened in and after 1984… I was born!!! … Nothing really happen much, except that I started with my small… very little life.

I was born into a family with quite a bit of problems. To be precise- A hell lot of problems. Facing them, crying over them and learning from them, I slowly grew up. Though I was born in a Hindu family, I never used to go to temples except when someone really forces me to. Since my dad has always been an atheist, I was never brought up in a religious background. I grew up totally free from all belief systems and rituals. Hence you can say that I was also a ‘little atheist’ all through my childhood. I continued to be so, until God gave me the first chance to feel Him.

Rough roads…

The darkest four years in my life opened wide in front of me when I stepped into my teenage. (Since, our topic is not related much to that, I prefer not to discuss any details). I had to go through very tough times in my family. The situation deprived me of love and care, a