How To Add Quick 1ncome To Your Business With Telephone-Based VIP Days

If you’re trying to wean off of 1-on-1 client work then you’re probably exploring different options available to you to replace that income.

The choices can seem overwhelming…Do you add a membership website,How To Add Quick 1ncome To Your Business With Telephone-Based VIP Days Articles launch a high-ticket coaching program or produce a home study course and sell it online? Maybe host a teleseminar series?

All of these are great income streams to integrate into your business. The question is, which do you try first?

I recommend starting with something that’s fast, easy and SIMPLE. One of my favorite “quick start” income streams is offering a “virtual” VIP day retreat.

Think of a virtual VIP days as being just like a one-day private in-person intensive with you, only instead of having to find a location, get dressed up and make arrangements for your client to fly in, you meet on the telephone for a series of calls focused on your client’s outcomes.

A few months ago I brainstormed this idea with one of my Platinum coaching clients. She loved it and in less than a month she had booked multiple Virtual VIP day clients, bringing in thousands of dollars.

If this idea sounds appealing to you then you’ll appreciate the quick tips I’m sharing with you so that you can successfully design and deliver your own virtual VIP days.

When my Platinum client, Helen Graves, first heard the idea of virtual VIP days, she liked it, but she wasn’t sure how she could make a big impact for her clients simply by being on the telephone. And if she couldn’t make a big impact then she knew that charging enough for this intensive service would be tough.

Helen specializes in helping solopreneurs plan the launch of their programs, workshops or info products so they make more sales in a very short period of time. She also has a signature system she teaches her clients who don’t like to sell, that results in them making more sales of high-ticket items via a simple telephone conversation.

Once I shared a few simple tips with her, Helen signed up multiple virtual VIP day clients within her first month, and has now expanded this lucrative income stream to now offer virtual VIP days on a choice of three different topics. (For more info about how Helen designed and delivers her virtual VIP days listen in on a special, exclusive interview series I recently recorded, called “Success Stories: How Did She DO It?”

Here are quick tips you can use to quickly get started offering virtual VIP days, just like Helen did:

Tip #1 Plan On A Series Of Calls Throughout The Day