How to Discover Secret Road Trips

It doesn’t take Joe Average long to do his road trip planning. He looks at a map and chooses the interstates that promise to get him there the fastest. He arrives on time having experienced nothing except miles of pavement, toll booths, and the odd truck stop. Punctuality score: 10. Enjoyment: 0.

You aren’t like Joe. You know the best parts of a journey are:

a) the planning,
b) the scenery, and
c) the experiences and discoveries along the way.

In other words, the best part of a road trip IS the road trip. So how do you find these secret scenic drives that the maps don’t show you? Well, you could just take a chance. Take the road less traveled, the secondary highway instead of the busier, more direct route. You may luck out and find one of the best road trips ever. Or you may end up in first gear inching along through a construction zone, something else the map didn’t show you. There’s a better way.

Tips from a Road Trip-Aholic

I’ve been a scenic drive junkie since the day I got my license. I’ve rubber-necked my way across some of the most startlingly beautiful and little-known road trips in the US – national treasures that people in a rush never get to see.

I go about planning my road trips in a way that leaves lots of room for happenstance: those nice little surprises and spectacular vistas that sneak up on you and leave you pleasantly awestruck. Whether you’re craving beauty, excitement or activities for you and the kids, planning it all out is an exciting part of the journey.