Is crocodile powerful….. know this, dear corporate employees

Nothing can escape if they get trapped between the jaws of a crocodile.  But nature has not given such absolute power to any animal and made them invincible.  The ‘jaw force’ of crocodile is unidirectional and not bidirectional.

Crocodile has strength only to close its jaws and it does not have the strength or force to open the same.    The force or strength is uni or mono directional in nature.  The success of crocodiles lies in its jaw force.  Similarly,Is crocodile powerful..... know this, dear corporate employees Articles the success of ‘crocodile hunters/catchers’ is lies in knowing the weakness of the crocodiles that if its jaws are closed with hand or a rope, the animal cannot attack them.


But remember that no crocodile hunters/catchers would casually approach a crocodile because of its weakness.  They respect the strength and approach the animal cautiously and conquer its strength by exploiting its weakness.