Is Your Diet Free From High Cholesterol Food?

produced by our own body,Guest Posting so we do not have to consume any cholesterol rich food. This is how we end up with high cholesterol levels. Knowing the high cholesterol foods will help us then.

The general rule of thumb is all food from animals contain saturated fat (bad cholesterol) and food from plants are safe. You could drive away the bad cholesterol collected in your body by eating food rich in good cholesterol or also known as containing polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fat. Also called as the good fat.

Food rich in the bad fat are everywhere and we know that the pastry you have in hand or the chocolate you had for snack is bad. This also includes greasy take always, processed meats and full fat dairy products.

Not all seafood is safe. Prawns, sardines, shrimp, crab and even veal should be avoided. Same goes with turkey, duck, organs such as brain and liver. Coconut oil and palm oil are amongst the most harmful fat.

Other common food culprits which we love to indulge in are dim sims, meat mince, sour cream and coconut milk. Try and avoid the saturated fats. It is this bad fat and not the cholesterol that affects your health.

Its easy to get confused with high and low cholesterol food after so much of talk everywhere. Doctors advise that your daily dietary intake of cholesterol should not exceed 200mg for high cholesterol cases and 300mg for healthy people.