Nice water games to try on 4th July

consist only a bit in the food, but when it comes to real 4th of July party ideas, you must choose only the best.

Below there are some good 4th of July party ideas you can use anytime, without much effort. Remember that 4th of July party ideas should please everyone, and make them happy. Firstly, there is the game called “Pass the water balloon”. Take all your guests and place them in a circle. Fill a balloon with water, and then place it around someone’s neck. That person needs to pass the balloon to the one next to him or her, without using hands. At some point, the balloon will blow, and the person holding it will be out of the game. The last one standing is the winner. It will surely be fun!

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However, you must think about few things before using 4th of July party ideas. Firstly, before you try such games which include dropping water on someone on dirtying someone, you must make sure they have nothing against that, as you might make someone uncomfortable by using such 4th of July party ideas without first asking them.

Another interesting piece of 4th of July party ideas is the “Dive for the treasure” game. You can try this out if you have a pool. Sink some objects made out of plastic or heavier objects which don’t float, into the pool, then give the start of the contest. The person who brings to the “shore” the most objects is the winner. The nice thing about 4th of July party ideas which include water is that everyone can get cheered up, especially when there are young people around. You can also develop your own 4th of July party ideas, by combining elements whic