Preservation of Wealth (POW) – An Objective, Expert Review

Arriving at this Preservation of Wealth (POW) review, you’re most likely one of two people: 1) Somebody who realizes the U.S. dollar is going in the toilet and understands how important it is to invest in gold and silver precious metals 2) You’re looking at Preservation of Wealth (POW) to acquire these precious metals as a consumer as well as a build a business.

In this Preservation of Wealth Review, I’ll address both sides as well as other facets of the company you’ll want to consider, whether you’re focused on just accumulating precious metals or also building a residual income.

It’s no mystery that the value of the American dollar isn’t going north anytime soon. What does this really mean regarding planning for your future? With hyperinflation predicted to be here by the end of 2012, what investments have the least risk and most payoff in hedging against inflation? I’m not a wealth advisor nor do I give financial advice to anyone.

I can definitely tell you one thing for sure; I’m not letting some financial advisor (no offense to the many awesome ones out there) manage my portfolio and diversify it with a traditional IRA and a bunch of mutual funds. THAT is how my parents and the rest of middle America have stayed ‘just over broke’ for the last 30 yrs and in many cases, lost it all.

Given that you realize why you require to invest in precious metals using a wholesale buying club like Preservation of Wealth or one of the retail sources out there, the key future factor will of course to know when to sell. I am grateful to be plugged in to people like world-advisor on gold & silver, Mike Maloney for preemptive and timely strategy on this.

According to Mike, who advises governments across the globe, “T