Preventing the Nightmare Airport Transfer Service

Let’s paint a picture shall we? You have been travelling around the world for months and you are tired. You are on the journey home and you just want to be home already. You landed and collected your bags after a nine hour flight and having been delayed for hours at the airport.

You walk through the arrivals area and you are just praying that your chauffeur is waiting for you with a sign that says your name. Your prayers haven’t been answered because there is no one there waiting for you.

You sit down in the terminal and you keep looking at your phone to see if there is a missed call, or a text, to tell you that the chauffeur is late. Nothing comes through on your phone. You are tired and increasingly irritable. This shouldn’t be happening to you.

Two hours later and you should have been home and in bed by now. The chauffeur finally turns up, makes you walk to the car and doesn’t even help you with your bags or open the door for you. He then proceeds to wait for someone else and then drives you the long way home. Finally, six hours after landing, you are home.

What you should have done, after an hour of waiting, is cancelled the chauffeur service and just got a taxi from the airport. Then, once you are home and you have had some sleep, you should have phoned the service and demanded your money back because that kind of service is not normal and not acceptable.

The first mistake you made was picking the wrong service and the secon