Search Engine Updates vs. SEO

Webmasters always anxiously wait for a search engine update. Those who rank well want to see their sites
get even better. Those who didn’t do well expect a major boost. Those whose sites get de-indexed anticipate
a major comeback. Those who just started new sites bet on their sites will make into the first page of
search engine result pages (SERPs) for their targeting keywords. Of course, not everyone will be happy about
the results of search engine updates. After all, search engine traffic is a zero-sum game – someone loses
and someone gains. Then, the webmasters start preparing for next update.

The Business Reasons Behind The Major Updates

All major search engines claim that they strive to present search results to users with the highest quality. But
the business of search engine is business. What they won’t tell us is that there’re many business reasons for
every major search engine updates. Search engine traffic is hot commodity – it’s free and has higher conversion rate
since the searchers are very close to make their buying decisions. The downside of the search traffic for webmasters
is that they don’t have control at all. Your sites may be ranked #1 today, but nowhere next day.

Search engine companies will, no doubt, use the search engine traffic to maximize the values for their stakeholders. Google’s Feb. 2 update
(allegra update or Superbowl update) once again shocked the webmaster community like last Florida update. The noticeable change
in Superbowl update is that well-established sites rank well even for specific keywords that aren’t even highly
relevant to their pages. You may think the move is to fight spams and improve the quality of SERPs. That’s only part of the
story. The results of the update is that the websites of well-established corporations (with ne