Shedding New Light On The Faint Young Sun Paradox

Where has the love gone? Is it really possible, in this modern age, for couples to stay married throughout their lifetime? In 1400 the average woman died around 27 years of age and oft times during childbirth. The average marriage didn’t come close to lasting 20 years. Today, however, we are living longer and so facing more challenges. One of the challenges we face is staying married for life. If you gaze in the mirror and wonder, “how can I restore my marriage?” you are not alone. Here are some reasons why you should restore your marriage.

Restore My Marriage – Reason #1

Children. According to an article in the Mercury News written in 2004 recent research suggests that children of divorce face many more hurdles. It is now believed that children do better in school, have less depression, less marital struggle and longer marriages when they grow up in a house with both biological parents.

Restore My Marriage – Reason #2

You and your spouse probably do love each other. This is just a test and the truth of the matter is that if you have children those children put stress on your marriage.

Most people believe the myth that children bring couples together but in fact 70% of couples polled said that marital satisfaction dropped and didn’t return until the kids went to college. Having children and raising a family can be very tough. Rather than give up on your marriage realize that it’s just a temporary tough time until you get your kids raised.