Simple, Alternative Gift Ideas With Gold Chocolate Coins

Chocolate will always be a staple gift. Whatever the occasion, chocolate pieces make for excellent (not to mention delectable) souvenirs or gift tokens. In fact a new craze is going around now: chocolography, the concept of printing logos, pictures and such on chocolate — everything of which can be eaten, too.

For people who are not capable of spending much on such special gift items, and for those who only intend to give out a few of them, it will be most advantageous if you’ll simply make your own gift ideas with gold chocolate coins. This way, you can put in a personal touch that will make the gifts even more special and meaningful.

The following are some examples of simple gifts you can make out of chocolate coins:

Chocolate Lollipops

It is very easy to do these. You can even get your kids to make these with you. Without peeling off the gold foil wrapper of the coins, use a toothpick to punch a hole from the edge of the coin up to 2/3 of its diameter. Give the toothpick a couple of twists to make a narrow, circular tunnel. Then, insert a clear, sharp-tipped plastic straw to create a handle for the chocolate lollipop.

There’ll be no need to individually re-wrap these lollipops since the gold wrapper will be preserved. Place them in attractive containers with colorful tulle papers and bows, and you’re set to give these gifts away.

Chocolate Coin Lego

This doesn’t work in exactly the same way as Lego, but they are basically similar. By piling the wrapped chocolate coins and locking them with toothpick, you can create pyramids, a miniature of the Leaning Tower of Pisa or the Eiffel. Imagination and