Streamline Systems Shares Project Costing Technology

Project Costing for Engineer to Order manufacturers is different.  The ability to track project costs against quotation estimates,Guest Posting gain real-time visibility into costing and compare project costs in real-time are crucial for profitability.

Headquartered in Colorado, Streamline Systems (  knows Engineer to Order (ETO), Build to Order (BTO) and Assemble to Order (ATO ) manufacturing.  Larry Cohn, Managing Director recently shared that “Engineer to Order Manufacturers face a unique set of business challenges.  From complex quotation and order entry process, to long lead times and unprofitable service and installation aspects of business, optimal efficiency is not optional. Capitalizing on every opportunity, while simultaneously managing costs and ensuring projects are accurately billed and collected is the central need of all ETO manufacturing o

Streamline Systems has identified the areas in which Engineer to Order manufacturers can find significant improvement in their operations including:

Complex Quotation and Order Entry Processes

Improve responsiveness to customers

Reduce processing time and improve accuracy

Product Configuration