Texas Health Insurance Providers to Check Out!

Do You Need Texas Heath Insurance?

If you are new to Texas, or new to shopping for health insurance, you should know that the regulations and even the insurers you can buy a policy from will differ by state. Sometimes they even differ by zip code or county. It is really important to note this if you came from another place, and you think you know how the game is played. You may find a whole different set of rules in the Texas health insurance market!



It is also important to remember that your premiums will vary by where you live. The rates in Austin will be different than the rates in Houston or Dallas. Your choices will vary too. You sister in San Antonio may have great coverage from one company in San Antonio, but that company may not do business where you live in rural East Texas!

US News and World Report published study of the top major medical companies in Texas. They used measures like how good of a job the insurer did at managing health conditions and preventative care. Just for reference, some of the top companies they suggested follow.

Top 10 Texas Health Insurance Companies


  1. Humana Health Care System of Texas (Austin, Tx)
  2. CIGNA Healthcare of Texas
  3. Scott and White Health Plan
  4. AETNA Health – Texas
  5. United HealthCare of Texas
  6. Humana Health Care System of Texas (South)
  7. Pacificare of Texas (Austin / Dallas)
  8. Humana Health Plan of Texas (Houston)
  9. Pacificare of Texas (San Antonio / Houston)