The Top 20 Heavy Metal Vocalists – 15 to 11

s I stated on my other list, this is just who I like. Not a matter of technical performance or record sales or popularity. These are just the vocalists that you will find on my MP3 Player and on the Flash Drives in my car. I enjoy all music and enjoy writing these heavy metal blogs, just some more then others. Now lets rock this list!

#15 – Dave Mustaine – Not really known for his vocals, but its really what I know him for. When Mustaine is acting pissed off and angry Megadeth’s music comes alive for me. They claim the new album is Mustaine more pissed then ever, so that I look forward to. I respect his guitar playing and helping found the thrash movement, but a Megadeth by any other voice wouldn’t be Megadeth.

#14 – Kevin Dubrow – Now if you ask me for this list again in another year you might find the Quiet Riot front man much closer to the front. Unfortunately since his death I have really started to listen to the work he left behind. Quiet Riot has some great tunes and really was the first Metal band to cross over to the mainstream with the epic Metal Health. With Randy gone and now Kevin it’s a major loss for Metal and leaves me wishing I had given Quiet Riot some respect earlier.

#13 – Ozzy Osbourne – Some days I love him, some days I hate him. If he is fronting Black Sabbath or belting out Crazy Train, Ozzy is the Prince of Darkness. If he is on TV dressed like a women or bitching about dog shit he’s just a joke. Ozzy helped found the music I love with Sabbath and some of this solo stuff is amazing, but what he has done to his legacy in recent years has caused him to slip way down on my play list.

#12 – Dave Draiman – I am a massive Disturbed fan, but not really for that long so Dave sits a little lower then maybe some people on the We Love Metal team think he should. I enjoy pretty much every song Disturbed has produced, even covers which is rare for me. As quoted on their site “when Dave is in a rapid fire animalistic rage, there is no one better.” I can’t really say it much better then that.

#11 – Adam Gontier – Don’t say a word about Three Days Grace not being M