The Trouble With Love

After much analyses,Guest Posting I have figured out the problem with this love thing. The problem is that it takes two to make it work. Now the possibility that there are two people on the same planet that could actually love each other is not that remote. The problem is getting those two together. The current system to search, select, and acquire this ethereal combination of mutual love leaves much to be desired. The present system appears to be one of chance, occurring at random, governed largely by proximity and probability. The finality of the process doesn’t allow room for error. In the business realm, it would not be considered peculiar to make public the availability of a position, set criteria, and conduct interviews. This would seem to reduce it to crude rudimentary elements in the realm of personal relationships, seemingly to exclude the most apparently critical element, that of two people who love each other. While the current system is cumbersome, the alternative of advertising in the classified section seems nonetheless commercial and crass.

Now love does exist in the unilateral realm, that is, one party loving another party regardless of the whether or not that love is reciprocated. Romance requires however that love must be mutual between both parties to be legitimate. When one loves another but the second party doesn’t share the other’s affection, it falls under the category of infatuation rather than love.

Let’s examine the elements of love. Certainly appearance plays a significant role. Both parties must mutually find the other’s appearance tolerable if not pleasing. Beyond the perception of the object of our affection’s appearance, other factors must be recognized. Regardless of how pleasing their appearance may be, ultimately personality is one attribute you can’t ignore. You m