The Winemonger Movie-Wine Pairing List

8 ½ (ITALY)

Kracher #8 Welschriesling TBA and #9 Sheurebe TBA

Luna Merlot 2001 Magnum. It’s a long trip, you’ll need a big bottle.

Amadeus (USA)

Hogl Loibner Vision Riesling 2003 Smaragd. An Austrian with vision.

Annie Hall (USA)

Braunstein 2002 Oxhoft Chardonnay. To go with the lobster.

Apocolypse Now (USA)

Bonny Doon Heart of Darkness

Apollo 13 (USA)

Valley of the Moon Zinfandel


Henschke Hill of Grace (often abbreviated HOG)

Turkey Flat Shiraz 02.

Goats Do Roam 2003 Goat-Roti