The World Economy, New Trends, and Network Marketing

Open your eyes my friends, there are major things happening today in this world. These trends will have a great effect in your business, some will directly affect your network marketing business, some will indirectly affect your network marketing business. The choice of ignorance of these trends will NOT be bliss 5 years from now.

A major trend in the world economy is the rising power of India and China, along with other nations gaining massive momentum.

A second trend happening now is the openness of mass collaboration, social media, internet, and technology.

The third trend is unfortunately a floundering US economy.

Over the next decade life and business will be changed due to these 3 trends. Many behemoth companies will perish. Many up and coming companies will excel. All currently existing companies including your home based business must see and take into account these major trends to stay on the edge, and to prevail through the next 10 years.

Let us take a closer look at the first trend of the rising powers of India and China. This is important because India represents 1.1 billion people and China represents 1.3 billion people. India’s well-educated, young population has embraced state-of-the-art computer and information technologies, making their country one of the most important high-tech hubs in the world. This will enable you to soon be 1 click away from a large percentage of their entire population.

India’s information technology and computer companies in Bangalore have been named as the world’s second Silicon Valley. The expanding middle class, robust military establishment and the country’s increasing sophistication in high-technology are shaping India as one of the rising political, economic and military powers. China is a different story, but the rise in both is inevitable. Knowing about it and taking action is important to anyone looking to build their network to dramatic sizes.

In regards to the second trend, the rapid growth of technology. There are many causes for this, the major one being the usage of mass collaboration. Did you know that Wikipedia recently had its 10 millionth article posted? They do not have employees doing tho