What Are Your Gutter Guard Options?

For most people,Guest Posting cleaning out the gutters ranks pretty low on the list of things you want to be doing with your weekends, but if you have trees near your home, the first place they gather is in the gutter. To solve this, and avoid “gutter cleaning duty” in the future, think about getting gutter guards in Connecticut. There are several different options, so here is a rundown of a few of the most common.


Reverse curve gutter guards are a solid cover that is placed over the gutter, with a small slit at the edge to allow rainwater into the gutter while keeping out other large items. These types of gutter guards in Connecticut are designed to be only slightly smaller than the width of the rain gutter itself so there is very little room for anything besides water to slip through.

Mesh gutter guards in Connecticut are also designed as a cover, but instead of being solid they allow the water through the tiny holes in the mesh. Since the holes are so small, they should be able to keep out bigger items like rocks, dirt, and leaves. If you go with this option, look into all the different mesh options that are out there to make sure the mesh is fine enough that it will not allow big items to get through into the gutter. Also check to find out what type of material it is made of so you can be sure it is one that will last a long time out in the elements, without wearing out.

Another option people sometimes consider is a gutter ins