What CBD Strain is Best

The Research on CBD and Anxiety

There are several clinical studies involving the use of CBD to treat anxiety. Science has widely come to accept that there are indeed benefits and that they come at a relatively low cost in terms of side effects and addictive potential.

One well-respected study was carried out on Japanese schoolchildren exhibiting symptoms of social anxiety. After administering the children either 300 mg of CBD oil or a placebo every day for four weeks, researchers found subjects reported that their anxiety had declined to levels comparable to those associated with treatment with pharmaceuticals.





Another study carried out at a mental health clinic found that outpatients given 25 mg of CBD on a daily basis reported profound decreases in anxiety levels. After two months of treatment, 78 percent of those patients reported improvements with using CBD in addition to their regular treatment.

Can CBD Ever Increase Anxiety?

While most patients and the majority of studies report positive benefits from CBD in the treatment of anxiety, this is not always the case. A 2018 study found that CBD can sometimes worsen anxiety in certain cases. Interestingly, the study highlighted that patients who had a predisposition to paranoia often exacerbated their anxiety symptoms with CBD.

The Top 9 CBD Strains for Treating Anxiety

If you’d like to buy CBD flower online in Canada, and tone down those anxiety symptoms, then here are our top nine strains of high CBD strains.